• Cara Van Leuven

Hoop Earrings

Ever see a beautiful woman and you think, “Wow, she’s so beautiful…but those hoops. They’re so big!!!” That’s our delimma of week. The true beauty of our home is the natural light and the windows that showcase Tom’s artwork. However, here’s our shortcoming – there’s not enough wall space and the paintings, once dwarfed in the loft, have little breathing room, making them look almost clownish.

Tom has spent years on this collection it has shaped his identity as a country boy with refined tastes. Saturday the mood was sour despite pulling up two metal chairs by the pond, drinking wine and eating sausage and cheeses from the Grant Fork Meat Market while watching Shiloh run countless circles. Then Pops and Dottye called and offered us to join them on a ride deeper into the country for Mexican. We took them up on it immediately.

Twenty minutes later down country roads past countless cornfields and old farmhouses we arrived at Mucho Yummy. The food was delicious and we drank too much, but the outlook on our house seemed brighter.

I rode a lot this weekend, which is something I miss since Julio and I parted ways. I rode The Grey with Bob Cunningham on Saturday. I’m learning to be a more patient rider and a softer rider. Sunday the Steinmeyer’s allowed me to ride several of their impressive line of Thoroughbreds including Princess Buttercup. I have my heart set on these two horses.

To me the horse is what Tom’s art collection is to him. We have a pact not to bring up the barn or fencing for a couple months – until the stress of the house wears off. It’s nail biting as I don’t know whether we’ll stay here. I always have the option of boarding, but my goal is to have that pony (whoever it may be) in the backyard.

As far as town I have little tolerance for the pace of molasses. Thursday evening all I wanted was to pay for my gas. I can’t even make this crap up – I was delayed by a man buying countless lottery tickets and bragging to the cashier about his log of winnings that is two pages deep. Tom and I did find a really cute bar called Marx Brothers. It was comfortable and genuine and I think we fit in. Kind of. Sort of.

I am happy here, but Tom’s wavering attitude does concern me. As ready as I am to bunker down and plant bulbs and prep for years to come he’s simultaneously looking at “just to get ideas.” It’s a true curiousity as to how this will all unfold. I have high hopes but don’t want to entirely wrap my heart around it. Stay tuned…