• Cara Van Leuven

Maintaining Street

The hardest part of moving to the country has been the fear of losing our street. Street meaning the ability to move around in the city, knowing where you are going with ease and comfort. It is maintaining a level of city cool while balancing a new life in the country. It’s like being the Urban Cowboy with the scale tipping in favor of neither.

Eating dinner together at the kitchen table with no TV. Now that's pretty street.

There is not a lot to report on in the country because we headed south to sunny Florida for bike week where my crotch nearly fell off because of (see “cool”) a new seat that wasn’t really meant for a passenger. So much of bike week has been consumed by horse week.

What was supposed to be a simple stop by the HITS show circuit in Ocala turned into a shopping spree, boot fittings and a lesson on a high performance show horse. I was also shunned in the show office where I wanted some simple information, but by the end of the weekend it all started making sense.

Shiloh, who was left in the backyard to monitor pool activities and keep guard for squirrels, ran to an unhealthy exhaustion. He can’t even walk because he literally wore the padding of the bottom of his paws. It makes me realize the importance of the country and the need to run.

I’m anxious to get back where I can begin my new horse adventures, prepare for Ocala next year and hopefully Tom will find a new seat for his bike that sharing friendly.