• Cara Van Leuven

Sugar. One spoonful at a Time.

It was 7:11PM on Saturday and I jokingly asked Tom if I should wash my face unless we were going out. Of course we weren’t going out – and I realized life is so similar now to what it was at the loft. Only here in the country it is quiet with fresh air and overall ease.

We did a lot of cleaning, did some laundry and hung new lights and old paintings. Without even realizing, our house is becoming a home. Chores are unfolding to become something routine and the whole move and readjustment is becoming more comfortable. There are still so many surprises like miles upon miles of birds streaming through the air like jet streaks. The light in the morning, evening and through the fog.

Country life, Highland and the area are certainly growing on us. We discovered a nail salon that put Tom to work fixing the doorbell throughout the entirety of my manicure. After dropping off a load at the Goodwill in Edwardsville we went in to explore only to discover the treasures dropped off out back reflect nothing in the actual store worth taking. That is minus two rubber duckies for Shiloh. The dirt-faced Cabbage Patch Kid didn’t make the cut despite Tom’s pleas.

Shiloh rolled in poop so we let him hit laps around the pond. As Tom and I sat on Pops’, Tom’s dad, rock (aka, his future tombstone) watching the dog run endless circles and slurping nasty pond water I realized the freedom we’ve been enjoying is what I will miss most if we leave.

And speaking of leaving, after the pond we headed for Fairview Heights to find essentials for the house like a fridge, vacuum and sheets grandma-ie enough I couldn’t walk away without them. On the way to the stores Shiloh climbed up front to sit on my lap as we were stuck in a traffic jam. I thought he was being affectionate until he began to pee all over me due to the copious amounts of pond water engulfed.

Country roads beg for a new motorcycle. We spent much of day Saturday with Pops trying bikes. The Harley I ride now is just too heavy (and it scares me admittedly). We are considering making the transition from warhorses to the Thoroughbred of bikes – Ducati’s and BMW’s are the current calling. The rain combined with a slight flu fogged a clear decision. More research needed for that escapade.

The country life also begs for a new horse. The time has come that the search is becoming more aggressive yet without the rush. Unfortunately I was just not feeling up to riding this weekend, but my drive for the perfect beast persists. More to come next week…