• Cara Van Leuven

The Constant with Change

So much has happened in the last two weeks. The biggest unfolding is realizing we can live this life in the country and maintain our old lifestyle, because really who you are doesn’t change if you move. Of course there are differences – dinner supplies aren’t around the corner here and the city certainly doesn’t host rabbit shows.

My passion for country living has not wavered, whereas Tom’s view on our farmhouse and the land varies by the day. I think he forgets we live a mile from his father, to whom he is so much alike and so close to. I, who grew up without a father, study their movements and relationship like it’s a sociology project. It’s intriguing.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve done everything we would have done living in the loft. We shopped for clothes. (I found an adorable trench coat). I visited my dear friend Brittni in Mount Vernon, another country community further out and further south from the city than us. I rode horses, which seems more country than city, but is actually more convenient in the city.

Speaking of horses and shopping, consider the two blended together. I’m looking for a new partner in crime – I’ve been consumed with trying and riding contenders. Decision time is close, and I’m sure my next post will reveal exciting news. But maybe not. I can’t predict the future.

I’ve found a stable that is very nice and convenient to the house. It’s no more than seven minutes away. Oddly enough it’s surrounded by what I guess you would call a spring/summer/fall camping ground. It is sprinkled with camper trailers and some mobile homes. Tom said we’ve seen it all as we drove through it then asked if we could move back to the city. I responded with, “Baby, this is the city now.”

Right now it’s raining, which is a blessing because we planted tulips and hydrangeas. We sprinkled poppy seeds as well as wildflower seeds that border what we will allow to be meadow grass as opposed to the manicured lawn it once was. As flowers begin to bloom, the grass grows tall and fences are erected it will become even more difficult not to be in love. With the country. With Tom.