• Cara Van Leuven

Battling the Buff

Friday night I woke up, during the wee hours of my birthday, around 3am. I wanted my computer to do some research, but it was still in my car which sits 10 feet from the back door. I was paralyzed with fear – it must be residual from the years I spent in the city.

Then I remembered we moved to the country for a reason. I forced myself to get up and get out and get to the car and get the computer.

#1 scary thing – fear of stepping on a mouse

(No, we have not caught one in ages, but I imagine they run around at night waiting to be stepped on)

#2 scary thing – the boogey man

(Okay, that makes no sense)

#3 scary thing – I was literally in my birthday suit

(Why was this even an issue??? It was a 3am type of dark and there were no cars anywhere in sight)

#4 scary thing – stepping on a snake

(see #1 scary thing)

#5 scary thing – it was raining and I could have slipped and been attacked by mice and snakes

I survived. Not only did I survive, I felt empowered, by something as small as walking out to my car buck-naked in the middle of the country in the middle of the night. And so I was around to celebrate my 39th birthday in daylight.

Tom and I still miss the city so that’s where we headed after our ritual workout with Pops and my riding lesson with Paula. I had high ambitions of changing into something cute and putting on makeup, and I really don’t know what happened … but IT never happened. I shopped naked faced in my breeches.

The beauty is that people in crowded outlet malls keep their distance when you smell that bad. The beauty is you find the best deals and leave your shopping experience in a different outfit. Thank you for the shopping spree Tommy. I felt like Pretty Woman without the whole prostitute aspect.

In other news … sadly, my Penny has left East Lake Stables to be closer to me at her new home, Shepherd Hills. It’s seven minutes from the house and the care and pastures are fantastic, so it wasn’t an entirely painful move but I will miss my barn family. I wonder, will I really enjoy having the horse at home or is the convenience of boarding and the company the way to go? In time it will be time to find out.