• Cara Van Leuven


Fall came at me hard – it always does. Depression strikes like the blacksmith's iron. It's not that I know winter is approaching; it's because summer is coming to an end. Not once did we use our air conditioning during the June, July and August months. We simply relied on a downstairs bedroom with a box fan in the window. You know some nights it was impossible to sleep without drenching the sheets in sweat. So hot some evenings even the dog wanted to be left outside. For me it prolonged my favorite season and made it one of the most special to me.

It's November and I accept that summer is over and fall has moved in for the next month or so. Once that initial sting has worn off, I can recognize the beauty of this glorious season.

With the change of the season personal changes have come about as well. I've adjusted to a new career and have moved Penny back to my old stomping grounds - what is now Marshall Show Stables. I'm delighted to be back – not just physically, but having my head in the game. And speaking of which, Shiloh is back to becoming an educated young man, attending school at Dog Sports at Kim's. His new best bro and our pet, Buck, will soon follow his lead.

Life on the farm is perfect. The chores continue to be a new thing that take adjusting, but we've developed a system to get them done. We procrastinate until mid to late-day Sunday and have a last minute rally, moving sculptures, rearranging tables, plants and rooms. Inevitably the chores are still patiently waiting completion on Monday and Tuesday and generally addressed by Wednesday and on Friday we plan where to start fresh.

Let's appreciate fall chores, growing up in a good way and the beauty of the season I can now see.