• Cara Van Leuven

House of Plenty

Just like I am always filling my virtual shopping cart full of unnecessary horse tack while playing make-believe, Tom is eyeing the newest houses on the market through Realtor and Zillow. Among his stops are Compton Heights in the city, bargain land investments scattered throughout Southern Illinois, miscellaneous Florida pads and finally Highland, Illinois, the home of our zip code.


Lately Stephanie has started laying unfertilized eggs; Joey Boots, who is much younger, has not yet discovered the beats of Marvin Gaye if you know what I mean. So when I heard Tom asking me to come look at something in an excited voice I was hopeful maybe the duck was figuring things out. To my surprise, Tom offered me a spot on his lap and instructed me to check out the house for sale gleaming on his computer monitor.

An impressive late 1870's built house spanning over 4,000 sq ft. made of Mississippi brick and good taste immediately got my attention, no easy task. This house, also known in these parts as House of Plenty, served as a restaurant for years. Originally built by a Swiss businessman who perished at sea going back to visit friends on the homeland, the house is said to be haunted. By friendly ghosts.

Mere hours passed before Dottye opened that magic realtors' lock, turned the key and we were inside a haunted house talking about ripping up carpeting, leaving the wallpaper and pulling down a wheelchair ramp. It's all daydreaming, but the problem with daydreaming, is that sometimes dreams do come true. It's only a possibility, a fleeting thought ...