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Own a piece of history with the Hampton Classic's 2022 poster art! Each poster is uniquely embellished with paint and signed by the artist.


The iconic horse show, celebrating its 46th year, unveiled "Dream Gait," an oil painting by Cara VL. The work tells the story of a horse with long legs reflecting both beauty and fragility.


Measures 24"x30"


Credit Equestrian Living:

OFTEN HAILED as one of the most elite, can’t-miss horse shows of the year, the Hampton Classic has drawn equine enthusiasts from all over the globe for decades. The Classic, prestigiously awarded the status of Heritage Competition by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) in 2009, holds a rich historical background. Dating back to the early 20th century, the event evolved from the original Southampton Horse Show, which was held on and off for many years until Mrs. Edwin M. Schwenk Jr. officially revitalized the show in 1971. The event was later dubbed the Hampton Classic in 1977. The immaculate, 65-acre show grounds situated in scenic Bridgehampton, New York, have attracted top equestrian talent year after year. Consistently, every class from Lead Line all the way through FEI showjumping classes has become increasingly competitive, and attracts crowds consisting of everyone from local spectators to A-list celebrities.


Poster only: $40

Signed, not numbered: $150

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