Madison County's Tops – Wildly Unofficial Preferences

December 31, 2016

Tom and I came to Madison County as outsiders with a background in St. Louis Street. It's fair to say, per moi, this perspective makes us the most qualified to judge the hot spots of the area. In less than a year  living in the old farmhouse there are still restaurants and stores to explore. This list leans lightly on the West side of the county simply due to proximity.


So Madison County, this is to you – our list that represents the best of your best.


1. Grantfork Meats

Not only does Grantfork Meats provide $2.55 sandwiches filled with meat and cheeses, they go out of their way to provide us our favorite boxed wines. They have saved dog bones that were enough to choke a Tyrannosaurus Rex. We love the crew there, and a big shoutout to Kerbie for letting me ride his combine!

Unless you forget when precessing your deer – the head needs to be picked up within 48 hours or else it will be discarded. Thank you.


2. Marine Flea Market

Dear Marine Flea Market, you made it possible for us to decorate our house in a Christmas Bliss this winter. Thanks to your deals and friendly bartering it was all possible. There is no better location for finds and deals. Ladies, Rick is really cute.

3. Marshall Show Stables

I have been found under the roof of this facility. There is no way to speak highly enough of Ashley's expertise, care and the facility's offerings in one post. All I can say is if you know enough, you're green with envy. Here's to an incredible re-creation of an already great barn.

4. Stix & Stones

S&S is the store you relate to - it tells a story of style and farmhouse chic. It's a happenstance stop you make in downtown Edwardsville where you find that one person who understands you and hands you a mimosa just when you need it. 

5. Leadbetter Lawn Care

If it wasn't for Jim, this stupid post wouldn't even be taking place. He was instrumental in the rehab our our home. Not only has Leadbetter helped us piss off our neighbors by trimming grass short only around the house and leaving the rest to grow to prairie (per our demands), he's proven to be reliable, punctual and fair.

6. Edwardsville Art Center

God bless the organization that provided me my official start as an artist. Not only did they accept me into my first art fair, I was able to make my debut in a gallery as part of their Holiday Show.

7. Fringe Hair Salon

Where else does a $28 cut spell AWESOME???? Unfortunately Kris was out for a surgery so I couldn't showcase her, but there is truly no better place to get your chops cut at such an amazing price with such an outstanding stylist.


8. Apex Gym

If you built a mansion, you put a gym in the basement, this is what it would look like (only without the strangers in spandex):

9. Nikki the housecleaner

Let me know if you need a lady who is not only incredibly thorough, hardworking and trustworthy, but also FUN.


10. Michelle at Diamond Mineral Springs

She saved our Thanksgiving. She's a Sergeant with a clipboard. She makes an already cool restaurant successful to the next level. It's easy to showcase DMS, but Michelle makes the magic of hospitality shine.

11. Darren

for your backhoe guy



12. Chad

for plumbing needs - one man army



13. Carl at Rural King

for Carhartt bibs and poultry grain and all the RK supplies in between



14. Edwardsville Pet Hospital

for shots and heavy petting



15. Maryann at Corner Keg Pub

for an escape

16. Andy Jensen

for top notch farrier needs



17. Meineke

for trustworthy car repairs and oil changes



18. Cypress

for prime rib



19. Grantfork Homecoming

for 4' tall kids driving $200K tractors



20. Pops

for this, that and the other except snake wrangling




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